I'm Mike. I don't really do much of this stuff anymore. I used to be a full time designer and developer for the web. It remains my favorite kind of work, but now I do lots of other things too.

My family-in-law runs a wholesale food distribution outfit in Arizona, and I'm lucky enough to be a part of that. I do all sorts of IT support. If it has a plug, it'll end up being a thing i work on. I also get to do product photography and marketing design, operational leadership, and staff development.

But my favorite responsibility is to build web tools. I left my design gig at Discount Tire back in 2013 despite loving the work. Working for a giant corporation and working for yourself are two very different things, and I was ready to try the latter.

Now I get to identify weaknesses in our operation, and try to fix them. I really like that work, and often I'm able to address our issues using my core skill set, and that's just terribly rewarding. It's wonderful to be in a position where I can dictate my own objectives and goals, even if it means a little less time fussing over symantic markup, efficient CSS, and optimized photoshop keyboard shortcuts.

Not that you asked, but that's a little about me. Maybe i'll put up some work examples on this site. I haven't paid it any attention in years, and after stumbling upon it, I really quite like it.