Interactive Wheel System

The IWS lets our customers visualize what new wheels would look like on their car. It's been a very popular part of our website for a really long time, but had grown rather long in the tooth in its previous incarnation. It had been built originally with Director, and in later years with Flash, and it was time to break it out of the plugin racket. The new version uses the canvas element to composite two images and allows us to spread out and breathe a little bit.

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Standards & Mobile

For a couple years, most of my time was devoted to imagining and implementing a quality mobile experience for the Discount Tire website. This is the story of how I got it started, and how we all finished it strong. The tables are gone! It was a big undertaking, and took longer than I'd hoped (and promised), but we pulled it off. Stylesheets, I love you, run away with me forever. Stylesheets, I hate you, die in a fire.

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